Nine Ways To Celebrate Spring

It’s spring guys… SPRING… commence happy dance! Saying goodbye to this stupidly harsh winter has got me in the mood to boogie all over town (or at least get outside). I don’t know about you, but with the warm weather, the blue skies and blooming flowers, it’s kind of hard not to kick up my heels out of pure joy. Here are nine little ways to celebrate spring and the departure of old man winter!

Nine Ways To Celebrate Spring

Go Wildflower Picking

Is there anything more spring-like than flowers? The answer is no. No there is not. And let’s not lie, we’ve all stolen a bloom or two from our neighbor’s backyard at least once in our life. But why not make a bouquet out of the flowers mother nature throws around in the wild? Picking wildflowers takes an appreciation of naturally occurring, unique blooms and a sharp eye. So go out to a field and start a collection of eclectic wildflowers and give them to your sweetheart!

Eat Al Fresco

Nomming outdoors without a hint of a shiver? It’s a glorious thing! Whether you go to your porch with a boozy drink in hand, pack a sandwich or two for a picnic in the park or eat your take-out on the curbside, eating al fresco is so relaxing and enjoyable. Considering how much time we’ve all been trapped indoors, there couldn’t be a more quintessential way to celebrate spring.

Throw A Garden Party

Gather your friends and throw a party… because spring, and because warm weather, and because we’ve all been hermits for the past three months. Let’s not lie, it’s about time to collaborate on a BBQ or tea party in one of your friend’s backyards (or a public park if you’re a city dweller)! Lay out some blankets and set up a folding table, cook together and crack open a cold one. It doesn’t get much better than a garden party!

Do Some Spring Cleaning With The Windows Open

Turn your favorite podcast on, tie your hair up and crack the windows open… because it’s spring cleaning time baby. Some people may groan at the amount of dust, dirt and salt they’ve collected over the winter, but there’s something so pleasant about organizing and cleaning with a breeze coming through a window… isn’t there? Once you’re in your zone, take a step back from your cleaning process and realize “oh god, did I really have a carpet underneath all of those clothes?” (or something of the like). Appreciate your new-found cleanliness with a good sigh and the sound of the birds chirping outside.

Take Part In A Ceremonial Boot Burning

Okay, I’m only semi kidding here. More than likely, your poor little boots have gotten a good butt kicking this winter. If they happen to be on their last leg (pun totally intended), you can take part in one of my silliest traditions… a boot burning/ tossing. Say a quick and sweet commemoration of their wear and tear, the memories you’ve had together and let them go on to boot heaven.

Start A Garden

Pot a little plant in your window and see how a little nature in your living space livens up the room. I’m certainly not a gal with a green thumb, but I do appreciate some cute little succulents! Maybe you’re a bit more apt with plants and want to go for caring for a lavendar plant (hello pretty smells all the time) or even a daisy… have at it, you!

Try Something New

Yep. This is the perfect time to adopt your “new year, new me” mentality. Something about the turning of the seasons brings a change of perspective and motivation to all of us. Re-adopt the healthier habits you’ve dropped, learn a new skill, read more, write once a day. Whatever it is, try it.

Don Your Favorite Sundress

Get your little feminine number out and appreciate the lack of pantyhose on your legs. You know what I’m talking about! I’m not even a girly-girl and I know what I’m talking about (you can almost always bet that I’m rocking a pair of pants 24/7). Ditching the tights and pants is the girly-est way to celebrate spring y’all.

Go For A Bike Ride

Is there anything more spring-y than a good, old fashioned bike ride around the neighborhood? Bonus points if you pack a picnic.

Infuse Some More Color In Your Life

The flowers are blooming and it’s time you did the same with your wardrobe. Add some pops of color into your usual neutral outfit choices. Whether it’s a pair of red Chucks, a gold barrette or a pink lip… ’tis the season to get colorful!

What are some ways you plan to celebrate spring?