My Favorite Travel Podcasts

Podcasts are my happy place… I’ve decided. Popping on my favorite series to start my forty five minute commute to work every morning is one of my favorite ways to begin the day. I, like many people, have to thank Serial for starting this love affair. Since finishing the series (in, like, a week?) curiosity (and maybe a slight addiction) got the best of me. Well, turns out, there’s a whole wide world of podcasts catered to creativity and… wait for it… travel!

My Favorite Travel Podcasts


Since discovering the following travel podcasts I can honestly say that I am so much more informed and prepared for my upcoming travels. Packing guides, frequent flyer miles, travel hacking, destination tips and recommendations, resources on how to become a location independent travel blogger are all out there for the listening! It only seemed right to share with you all my top travel podcast picks. You ready?!

Extra Pack Of Peanuts

One of my favorite travel podcasts! Jokingly called the “Rick Steves for the new generation,” Travis and his wife Heather co-host this all encompassing travel podcast. These two keep it real (like, really real) when it comes to traveling more while spending less. As a couple who left everything behind to become world travelers, Travis and Heather tailor Extra Pack Of Peanuts to touch on everything from packing light, to destination guides, to favorites lists (be sure to listen to their top 20 foods episode)! They’ll make you laugh and feel filled with wanderlust while feeling like you’re listening in on a conversation with your close friends. By the way Travis and Heather, if you end up reading this, I want to be friends in real life!

Zero To Travel

Geared towards anyone interested in becoming a location independent traveler, this podcast is all about learning how to travel the world on your terms. Jason is a great host who interviews people who left their 9-5 in order to see the world and he really gets to the knitty-gritty of starting from no experience to getting paid to travel. In each episode and interview, he shares advice and resources on how to make it happen. I always leave each episode motivated and inspired!

The Coolest Stuff On The Planet

Ummm… so the title says it all. The world is full of awesome. Experiences, places, cultures, sights, smells and people. This travel podcast sets out to cover all the goodness and takes you a tour around the world from your earbuds.


If you’re planning on visiting Paris, Dublin or any other well known European city, Tourcaster is just what you’re looking for. A city guide approach to travel podcasts, this series has specific channels specifically for major cities abroad. In these channels you can find tips on attractions, religious history, government, and key phrases to learn. It’s sort of like listening to a Lonely Planet guidebook, but in audio form.

My Favorite Travel Podcasts


A Broad Abroad

Girl power! Mariza Taillefer interviews everyday people who left everything behind to travel the world. She shares insights on her experience and tips on how to live in another country and make the most of it. Mariza’s candor and down the earth approach to covering the highs and lows of international, expat travel.

Travel In 10

Exactly how it sounds. A ten minute podcast packed with goodness on travel. I love listening to Travel In 10 while running errands!

The Weekend Travel Show

Part travel, part trending show… every week host Doug Park sits down with the best travel experts to chat about tips to make you one smart traveler.

The Daily Travel Podcast

Whether you’re a longtime traveler looking for your next big adventure, or someone who wants to make a big leap into world travel, this show is all about how to get out there. Nathaniel Boyle interviews super inspiring explorers, bloggers, location independent entrepreneurs and locals to discuss why to travel and how to do it right. Topics include why travel matters, budgeting, travel hacking, where to eat, sleep and visit, expat living and everything in between.  Great stories.

Amateur Traveler Podcast

A destination guide in podcast form, focusing on providing the the absolute must-see, must-experience to it’s listeners. Host Chris Christensen has one of those smooooooth radio voices, which makes listening to this podcast pretty sweet to listen to!  I particular love how in depth this series can be with history lessons and reflections on culture and interactions with the locals.

Travel With Rick Steves

An author of over 30 best selling travel guidebooks, Rick Steves is a boss. So of course, he now has his own podcast. This is just one of the zillion different travel podcast channels he has out there, so be sure to search for your destination if you get a chance. This podcast focuses on stories from the road and the special moments travelers have when overseas and taking in a different culture.

My Favorite Travel Podcasts

Hope you find something that will fill your podcast/travel obsessions with! Do you have a particular podcast (travel or otherwise) that you obsess over? I know I have a TON. Happy listening!