Life Lately – Because It’s FriYAY!

Oh hey friends. It’s me. Just dropping by to say hello and that you’re the best. No, really you are! April (…and May…) flew by in a hurry, didn’t it? In between dodging raindrops and taking far too many Instagrams of the blooming trees and flowers, rushing to finalize last minute travel plans and tying up loose ends that always seem to crop up right before something eventful, I feel like its totally necessary to catch ya’ll up on what’s going on in my life lately. So here we go!

Life Lately – Because It’s FriYAY!

EMBRACING | How much of a “word nerd” I am. Lately I’ve found myself highlighting and listing words that strike a chord with me. Not gonna lie, it’s a small but mighty list right now… but I love it. I keep a journal on me at all times to write down anything and everything that seeps into the nooks and crannies of my mind, so having a page dedicated to these eloquent words has totally amplified my need to learn new descriptors. Hi, I’m Laura and I am a huge word nerd. I also have high hopes of finally starting to write a series of short stories this summer. HEYO!

APPLAUDING | The gals over at my newest travel & lifestyle go-to blog, Carry On To. How do I say this as non-fan-girl-y as possible? Erin and Alex are two rad New York ladies that have curated a thoughtful internet space to document their experiences in both long trips (Paris anybody?) and local trips (Brooklyn perhaps?). Oh yeah and did I mention that their tagline is something I’d venture to say is the most genius thing I’ve read on a lifestyle-travel blog?! “In pursuit of truth and travel.” SO GOOD. I’m loving everything that these two are doing.

RESISTING | The impulse to buy an Instax. Must. Not. Buy. Must. Save. Money…

WATCHING | Old Bear Productions’ live, sentimental and raw music videos. These dudes are showcasing some seriously stripped down performances of some local indie artists’ original work and I couldn’t love watching/listening to them more. If you feel like gently stalking me (ha!) you miiiiight find a video with yours truly in there soon… Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

DEVELOPING | I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’ve kind of been getting into the knack of actually… wait for it… working out? If you would have told me that I would look forward to my daily half hour runs and light lunches, I would have slapped you. But yeah. It’s totally happening now.

CRUSHING | So hard on the Darling Magazine and The Giving Keys jewelry collaboration. I know, I know! I’ve waxed philosophic about my love for Darling… but this dream team’s message is so inspiring. With inspirational words like “create” and “courage” etched onto little silver and gold key necklaces, the jewelry is gorgeous to begin with. The main goal is for buyers to wear the key necklaces proudly while embracing their word’s meaning… but here’s the best part. When the right time arises, the wearer must give their key away to a person they feel needs its message more than them. A beautiful, beautiful message to pay it forward and a gorgeous keepsake in one. I’m in love!

FINISHING | Concert season! You guys might recall my last post in which I was working fervently on our middle school’s musical (which was an amazing memory I will keep forever, by the way). Well, this time of year is stocked with many chorus concerts and trips for this music teacher! Our biggest concert is donezo and I am feeling so sappy about my sweet eighth graders “graduating” to high school. It’s around this time of year that teachers start to look forward to summer break as much as the students. I won’t lie to you… I’m ready… but mostly because I’m anxiously awaiting hopping on that plane to Thailand!

LOVING | That I made the impulsive decision to go back to red hair. Yep, this girl is back to ginger! It’s kind of crazy how a little change can effect your outlook. I’m feeling a little more vivacious and a little edgier and I’m not going to lie to you… I like it a lot!

Happy Fri-YAY to all of you!