7 Local Adventure Ideas To Do This Weekend

You’re starved. You’re begging for it. An adventure. Your need to get out there and see the grand newness of a place and to cross a destination off of your bucklet list is growing with each passing day. But for one reason or another, it’s just not happening anytime soon.

Even from my several far off travels, I know the feeling far too well. But I’m a big believer that there is a remedy for this problem. Here’s the thing. Local adventure can, in fact, satiate that most hungry of wanderlust monsters… all you need is a good dose of weekend fun.

Of course, the fun is only amplified when shared. So create a Facebook event, send out a text or two and see who else is down for some exploration. Try one of these local adventure ideas and I promise your hunger for travel might subside (at least for a while)!

7 Local Adventure Ideas To Do This Weekend


Close Your Eyes, Point Randomly On A Regional Map & Go There

Yep, follow these directions exactly and you’re bound to see something new (and completely random). Hey, maybe you’ll end up in a swamp or a random back alley, but you also might end up finding yourself in a beautiful field or take a road you’ve never driven down before. Regardless of where your destination is, you’ll undoubtedly discover something you haven’t seen. Pack some snacks, load up your car, turn on a good podcast or mixtape and make an adventure of it!

Side note: I’ve always wanted to do this with an overseas trip. Maybe after a few local experiments with this one, I’ll be able to!

Picnic By Your Closest Body Of Water

Maybe you’re landlocked… but there’s got to be a river or lake somewhere nearby, right? Take the pleasure of a setting up and eating the perfect picnic meal to your local body of water and find a whole new level of relaxation and appreciation for local nature. I’m hoping to recreate my Parisian picnic (by the Eiffel Tower) in a state park soon.

Camp Out In Your Backyard

Take a note from the microadventure guru Alastaire Humphrys and find the beauty of the great outdoors in (literally) your own backyard. I’m telling you, even your most finicky city slickers will be into the idea of camping within walking distance of a nice warm bed. So set up your tent, light a fire and load up on your hotdogs, graham crackers and marshmallows.

Visit The Most Haunted Spot In Your Area

Google it. Do it. You might learn something cool and maybe, just maybe, get your heeby-geebys on!

Play A Game Of Flip The Coin

1. Hop in your car (and bring snacks, duh).
2.Get out a coin.
3. Start your car.
4. At every red light you hit, flip the coin.
5. Heads? Take a left. Tails? Take a right.
6. Play until you hit a dead end or just need some time outside of your four wheeled machine.

Awwww yeahhhh! You’ll get lost, trust me. But you’ll be laughing and discovering new places the entire time.

Go To A Local Tourist Trap

We’ve alllllllll got ’em. Visit the biggest, corniest tourist trap and take it in with a new sense of wonder. Pretend like you’re from out of town and ask guides the silliest of questions. Take a million silly selfies with the world’s largest chocolate bar (or whatever else your small town is loaded with).

Set Up A Scavenger Hunt

Ahhhh the good old days. Scavenger hunts were my absolute favorite activity as a child. Choose a theme and go wild. Maybe it’s to find every color of the rainbow within a block of your apartment, or maybe you and your pals can create your own ridiculous list of items… I’m not stopping you. Or, hey, do like I did and set out to scavenge your city’s best slice of pizza. Whatever the theme, seeking for these items brings your appreciation for your city to a new level (and it’s just so fun).


What local adventure ideas will you be trying this weekend or next? I seriously love coming up with this little diddies for ya’ll! I’d love to know some suggestions or ideas you might have for other local adventure experiences you’ve had and loved. Homegirl miiiiiiight just have a little something-something up her sleeve!