Living Worldly: Finding The Wide World In Your Local Area

I'm so excited to introduce our newest blog series we'll be updating regularly! The idea is simple. How can we find the world at large in our own neck of the woods? Stay tuned because we'll be sharing ideas, tricks and resources to help you find a little taste of Europe, Asia and beyond... wherever you live! 

ROAM + GOLIGHTLY | Living Worldly: Finding The Wide World In Your Local Area

The idea of this new series came from the incessant Pinteresting that happened after I graduated college and found myself "fun"-employed for some time. It was a dark time, people. Anyway, in the time I spent pinning my little heart out, I became reallllllllly obsessed with French women's street style. This fixation served my wardrobe in a big way, but it also dawned on me that my adult #goals were somewhat worldly. When I like to imagine my Pinterest perfect adult life, it looks a little something like this...

Dress like a French woman (obviously), cook/love like an Italian, curate a home like a Scandinavian, adventure like an Australian, and have a appreciative mindset like the Japanese.

I could go on. There are so many places in the world that I've yet to traipse through, but I love picking up on the strength each culture possesses in relationship to my everyday, real world life. Because let's be honest folks... as adults we have to dress ourselves, we have to have a home to reside in, we have to cook for ourselves (etcetera, etcetera, etcerta!) so we might as well do it with the aptitude of these awesome cultural strong points, right? 

ROAM + GOLIGHTLY | Living Worldly: Finding The Wide World In Your Local Area

That's the thing about living day to day isn't it? We get into these norms. The routines of waking up, doing our thing, resting and doing it all over again. These are our traditions. And they can get tiring, and even boredom inducing.

And that's why infusing this idea of Living Worldly makes it all seem a little more glamorous, doesn't it? I'm not just cleaning my closet... I'm creating my French curated closet filled with classic, well tailored pieces. I'm not just shopping for my living room, I'm hunting for clean, intentional, handcrafted pieces that will stand the test of time, just like the Scandinavians. It adds a bit of a twist on those routines, doesn't it? Those small things can be infused with a worldly approach to living.

Just think of those cultures you love. Drink like a German! Have passion like a Russian! Have kooky, cool interests like a Korean! Live in the sun like a Greek! If you're like me you'll find these thoughts creeping into your mind in the simplest of moments in day to day life. 

It also is a challenge to seek a taste of these culture's sights, tastes, smells and beyond in our own neck of the woods! Local adventure to find your town's best cappuccino or most European street anybody?

ROAM + GOLIGHTLY | Living Worldly: Finding The Wide World In Your Local Area

If there's one thing I've learned from starting this lovely blog and podcast, it's this... there's more of the world in our day to day lives if we're willing to look for it and live vicariously through it. We just have to look. And we just have to try. This new series is something I'm so incredibly excited to explore more here on the blog. Lots of cool things to do and see with this new outlook on local adventure. Stay tuned!