Back In The (Blogging) Game

Before I begin, I just wanted to say - thank you, to all of you. I’ve been incredibly quiet around here in the past year.

Without getting too wordy, I’ll say this - somewhere between starting a new job as Editor of Dame Traveler and ending my original podcast… I lost my original fervor for writing here. I felt restricted by my “brand” and disassociated with the look, the feel, the whole she-bang. The truth is, I needed a break. So, where does that leave me now?!

Back In The (Blogging) Game

Well, I’ve made some major changes around here. The truth is, I love to write. I want this blog to be a catch-all for everything I love. So I whittled down my interests into five major themes:

  • Travel Guides - The evergreen content I’m constantly asked. No more “what should I do when I go to Rome?” questions. Each guide will be updated regularly and are yours for the using!

  • The Heart Of Travel - Exploring the “why” of exploration. This is the newest addition that is my bread and butter nowadays. Digging deep into the ways travel can transform.

  • Travelogue - What I’m most looking forward to! I miss the days when travel blogging was a diary, of sorts. I want this blog to keep it real with you. So, while I’m exploring, I’ll be sharing my daily adventures and creative writing. As you may know, I’m on a mission to write this world a love letter. Expect lots of poetic musings and diary entries. I’ll be real… this was totally inspired by my favorite writer Nicole Ziza Bauer’s field notes while living in Italy.

  • Tips & Tricks - From budget travel, hotel recommendations, techy goodness - this category is where I’ll be spilling discoveries and tricks to get you out there in the world.

  • Creative Travel - Ideas for inventive explorations, including tricks to integrate travel in large and small ways.

  • Lifestyle - Everything else that doesn’t fit into the above categories.

So… all that being said, say hello to our new mission:

Travel Musings For The Curious, Creative Adventurer.

I’m honored to be a part of your newsfeed. And I’m filled with joy in this new chapter. Thank you for your support. I can’t wait to get started!