Go One Block Further

As a local adventurer, if there was one piece of advice I'd give a person who wants to find a sense of newness and exploration on their area it would be this... GO ONE BLOCK FURTHER. This is something I've actually brought up in our podcast's recent Minisode after one of our rad, rad readers sent in a request for help in her current situation (have you listened and subscribed yet?). Guys, it's natural for us to get down in the dumps in our locations. It just is. Here's why going one block further is our simplest way of getting out of that rut.

In our day to day lives we always end up following routines created by ourselves and our little bubble of humanity. Because routines are lovely, aren't they? We won't be disappointed when we know what's coming! There's a warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with routine and schedules and regular spots. It's a great little inner circle of ritualized places, spaces and times. BUT, in that safe, routine space... it's not very likely that we will find the lovely, undiscovered side of our local communities.

So in order to discover those gems, those unseen and undiscovered places and experiences we must go one block further. Now before you ask.... yes, I do mean this literally! If you honestly go one block outside of your normal walk with your dog with eyes wide open for beauty... you're going to find it. Go one block down from your normal coffee shop, your local grocery store, your routine parking spot and you're bound to find a new side to your area. One (literal) block away can seem like a world away when you have your heart set on finding adventure.

But in all honesty, going "one block further" symbolizes a truth I speak a lot about on the podcast. Get out of your rut by switching up a going a little bit deeper and little bit further from your version of normal. Search for community events related to your heritage, restaurants that have a kooky menu, local art and craft shows. Look into the next town over's best of the best. Go an extra step outside of the norm and you'll find adventures abound. In order to see new things, we must go one step further. Whether that's a little research done online, a little road trip to the oddball museum nearby or a quick run to the park you've never had a second to check out. And that means stepping out of the routine and into a new perspective.

Ask yourself... what are your routines? Where are there areas for additional changes? Do one small switch up with your eyes open and observant to the changes and the world is guaranteed to show you a different side or color or person or beauty in your location. Open your eyes and see the goodness that surrounds you. I promise, research one search further, have one look further, go one block further and you'll see it for yourself.

What are some ways you are going to go one block further in your life? Share your ideas in a comment below... we'd love to keep a running list of ways you incorporate small changes in your life to find adventure!