Hey, hi, hello! Guess what? We're back baby, and we've got a brand new attitude. One that I am incredibly, stupidly passionate about.

So, let me take you back. As some of you may know, Roam + Golightly began as a blog to document my first time traveling abroad. I shared pictures, I told stories, I laughed, I cried... and through doing so I found a new passion and a new community online that I loved to the extreme. Score!

But then I returned home. Gone were the epic landscape pictures of the Italian countryside and gone were the romantic details of walks through Paris. Reality sunk in. I was here to stay... at least for a little while. Then, the 9-5 lifestyle invited itself into my life. No complaints here, work is something I'm incredibly fortunate to have and I do love my job. But with the "real world" responsibilities came a lot of resentment towards missing that free spirited, adventurous, creative, artistic girl I felt that I "once was" when I was abroad.

And then it hit me... Why in the world do I have to wait for adventure and creativity to find me again?

I should have to wait?! Adventure is out there and creativity beckons.

And you know what I did? I stepped away from blogging and started seeking that adventurous, creative lifestyle I craved. But this time, I was searching for it to happen in the real world. And do you know what I discovered? It's totally, totally possible and I'm beyond pumped to share how you and I can do this together.

I won't lie to you, for a while there, sharing posts on Roam + Golightly felt really forced. Because I was a creative lifestyle-travel blogger living in Pennsylvania waiting on my summer trip. I felt like I had to wait and wait and wait until the passports were out for me to be living that adventurous, creative lifestyle I wanted to write about. But I'm so excited to be back with a renewed spark and a fresh perspective... and I can't even tell you how much I'm looking forward to sharing all the good stuff with you all.

And, oh, and did I mention that I made a podcast?

Go ahead and take a peek at our teaser episode! Each week I'll be interviewing real life, working creative adventurers about what keeps them inspired, why they choose to live an exploratory life and how we can do the same in our own lives. Consider it a hang out between like minded people who love art and travel and how the two can intersect in our lives. Don't be shy! Listen and subscribe... and tell a friend (you know you want to). Season two starts next Tuesday with an inspiring interview with one of my longtime lady-crushes.


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