The Local Adventurer

Let’s talk about adventure. If you have a wandering heart, the idea of taking on bold, unusual experiences leads to the notion of getting “out there.” So where exactly is “out there”? Out of the state? Out of the region? Out of the country? Out of this continent? Out of this world? (…guys, what if that was really an option…) You get what I’m saying. The idea of a new location for a new experience is not only incredibly tempting, but incredibly normal. But there are certain aspects of adventure that aren’t solely claimed by traveling to another culture or enveloping yourself in another culture. The idea that I’m getting at is this. Adventure is out there. Adventure is outside of your own backyard. In fact, adventure is in your backyard. (Sidenote: I’ve never really seen your backyard, but you get the metaphor).

The Local Adventurer

 What is A Local Adventurer?

Simply put, a Local Adventurer seeks out adventure always, regardless of the familiarity of their location. Local Adventurers see the beauty, despite the normalcy. Adopting a Local Adventurer title is making a promise to maintain a sense of inspiration and excitement, even in your 9 to 5, working life.

You in? Let’s do this!

Take On The Role Of “Guide”

Part of the joy that comes with becoming a Local Adventurer definitely comes from pretending to put your imaginary girl/boy scout uniform on and imagining your location as an editor in chief of a travel magazine. Ask yourself these questions: If your friend from out of town were to come visit, where would you recommend for a quick, delicious bite? What are some nearby places you’d recommend as a day trip? What sights would you point out that they might miss in passing? Where would you take them to encounter a true (enter your location here) experience? You might even take this a step further and create a literal travel guide. And let me just say, go get your Lonely Planet on! I’m not stopping you! In fact, can you send your discoveries my way? That’d be cool.

Keep An Open Ear & Ask Questions

As weird and unlikely as it seems, new discoveries and local findings happen all the freaking time. All it takes is for one mutual friend to pass along a new hiking lookout and you’ve got a top secret location to go get your exploration on. What I’m saying is this… Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and social media family for their suggestions. The more you ask, the more unknown spots you might find.

Erase The Memory

If you find yourself feeling down on your location, snap out of it by removing yourself from your very deep memories of the place. Easier said than done, I know. But when you remove the cloak of a jaded memory, you’ll find all sorts of beauty underneath the surface. Again, some places are just overloaded with sentiments (good and bad)… but take a step away from those feelings and you might find something truly awe-inspiring.

Keep An Positive Mindset

Similarly to erasing the memory attached to a place, keeping a positive mindset is key when considering your surroundings. The mundane can become exhilarating with a quick switch of a mindset.

Document, Document, Document

Yep, here’s your cue to do some serious Instagramming, journalling, scrapbooking or whatever you choose to do to remember things! Each spot is a new and unknown adventure and you should capture all the beauty it has to offer. Pretend like you are documenting a National Geographic documentary on the natural state of your hometown. If a stranger were to see your picture, what would they take away from it? Is your commute to work filled with stretching landscapes? Snap it out. Did you have the most amazing experience viewing a local community theater production? Write about it. Remember… you are a Local Adventurer and your objective is to find the adventure and the beauty of your every day.

Make It A Competition

Which coffee shop offers the conversational place to catch up? Which donut shop makes the best glazed bakery item? Which back road makes for the best drive? Invite your friends for a day of pure, unadulterated bar ranking, or boutique comparison, or graffiti competition. Make a ranking list of your adventures and you’ll find a great resource for boredom curing in no time. The possibilities are endless with this one!

The Local Adventurer

Adventure is out there. It seriously, seriously is. Wander with me.