Start A New Tradition: 8 Quirky Ways To Ring In The Holidays

Everyone loves a good old fashioned holiday movie marathon right before Christmas, am I right? Don’t lie. I’ve seen your collection of claymation holiday movies! But now that we’re (air quote) “grown ups” (end air quote) I think we can all agree that it’s time for us to step up our game and start some new, funky, maybe a little weird holiday traditions. These aren’t your cookie cutter versions of your parents vision of bringing in good cheer. But hey. Aren’t we all a little bit anxious to try something new?

1. Make filling up your Christmas stockings an fun, communal event by gathering with your family or friends to one store (like Target) and giving yourself an hour to buy knick-knacks for each other. Watch as your group splits and avoids each other at all costs in fear that you’ll see the ridiculous gifts they’ve bought for you!

2. Pull an all-nighter on Christmas, giving each other a present for each hour. Every sixty minutes the night just gets better. WARNING. Save yourself from sleep deprivation and make sure you do this on a night where you’re not because seriously booked the next day running around from house to house. Trust me, nobody likes to hang out with a grumpy cousin/aunt/uncle during the holidays!

3. In addition to your average Christmas tree, pick up a“Charlie Brown” tree. You know, the tiny, dinky, barely strong enough to hold itself up kind. Someone’s got to adopt one of those poor little guys!

4. Toss out Michael Buble right now. Dedicate the first day of serious snowfall as Bon Iver day (shout out to the crew at 38 for creating this great idea). Throw on his self titled album and follow up with “For Emma, Forever Ago” over and over and over again. These albums fit the mood of the first flakes of falling snow.

5. Do up Black Friday with all of your friends who’ve come home for the holidays and make it a huge get together. If you’re like me and you’re not a steadfast bargain shopper and totally hate the long lines to the fitting rooms you’ll totally love catching up with your old friends over warm Cinnabons and coffee anyway. OR… if you are absolutely, 100% opposed to getting into the Black Friday crowds, have an cyber Monday hang out. Everyone brings their laptops and enjoys a good movie and cider while avoiding all the hubub at the malls.

6. Host a Friendsgiving. Yep, Thanksgiving with your friends! Each person brings a side dish, dessert or drink while you attend to the turkey (as best as you can).

7. Cram into a car with all your friends and drive around your local area looking at Christmas lights. Bonus points to whoever leads you to the tackiest house in the town.

8. Instead of cramming wrapping your gifts on Christmas Eve, host a gift wrapping party. Similar to Friendsgiving, each person brings a couple bows, tape, paper and maybe a snack or two. Not only will you have a plethora of paper products to choose from, but you’ll have a good time getting together, listening to your favorite records and maybe sneak in one of those classic movie marathons we talked about earlier.