Seasonal Intention | Winter

Intention: a determination to act in a certain way, what one sets out to do or bring about. A goal, purpose, objective or aim.

Seasonal Intention | Winter

Around this time of year, we’re flooded with “new year, new me” statements. Cue my serious urge to gag. Don’t get me wrong, I think the act of self evaluation and goal setting is incredible. We should be doing more of that, right?! But let’s be real. The idea of fixing or resolving yourself can get negative... not to mention the idea of maintaining high expectations for an entire year takes some serious, serious will power that often ends in failure. I don’t necessarily believe new year resolutions set ourselves up for success. That’s why I like intentions. Positive changes, self betterment rather than negative self reflections in need of fixing.

While scrolling through Instagram, I found one of my favorite designers, Design By Kadie, mention that a friend asked her to define the season in one word. I liked the idea of simplifying a season into a word. And from there I started to imagine setting small, but significant and streamlined intentions for a season. A good three months of one pure purpose, determined solely by myself, for myself. Seems like a more attainable process if you ask me.

So you’re probably thinking… “Cool, Laura… now what are you going to do with your word?” Well, first off, I’ll explain that I chose the word “focus” because so much of my day to day work life is filled with rolling with the punches, tests in flexibility and patience. I’m guilty of losing motivation in the shuffle. Focus for me means the following:

  • Set aside time everyday to work on a creative project.

  • Read often and listen to motivational podcasts.

  • Structure a more consistent schedule for the blog.

  • Decide a location for our travels this summer.

Simple. Attainable. Intentional. I plan on doing this for every season of the year, just for fun. What do you think? Do you have an aspect of your life that you intend to improve? And do you think you could maintain it for a season?