A Recipe For The Perfect Sunday Morning

A Recipe For The Perfect Sunday Morning

We lead busy lives. Our days are so filled to the brim with get togethers, to do lists and family/friends events. And the weekends? They are no exception to the rule. Fridays are a whirlwind of fun and then next thing you know, it’s Sunday evening, you’re packing a lunch for the next day and you’re left wondering where your free time slipped away to!  Even though the jam packed weekends are totally a blessing (and something we should take total enjoyment in now and then), finding a quiet moment reserved to our own is nearly impossible in our busy adult lives.

Sundays have historically been noted as the day of rest and recuperation. Lately, idealizing the perfect Sunday morning has become almost an obsession. I think most of us can agree that an ideal Sunday feels slow moving, intentional and includes some aspects that are soul feeding and relaxing. Doesn’t that sound so good? Are your eyes getting dreamy yet? Here is precisely the recipe of the absolutely perfect Sunday morning.

Waking Up Naturally

How great does it feel to not wake up to the buzz of your alarm clock? Waking up with your natural sleep cycle, cozying up in those extra warm blankets while you daze in and out of consciousness. It’s all so dreamy and so, so decadent. Us adults seemingly drool over the idea of getting a good 7-8 hours of restful sleep. Doesn’t catching up on those hours or z’s seem like the perfect thing to do on a Sunday morning?

A Slow Moving Morning

No deadlines, no due dates, to rush to get out the door, just an hour (or two!) spent moseying around your place. What you fill your time with is your prerogative.

Coffee In Bed

Does it get any more luxurious than to have your morning coffee in bed? I mean really. It’s like the beautiful Instagram shots we double tap have come to life!

A Book Or Magazine To Sift Through

Oh yes. Add a soul nurturing book or magazine into the mix and it’s about to get extravagantly relaxing. My favorite? Darling Magazine. But you probably already knew that… Darling is an intentionally made quarterly magazine that shares insightful posts on the art of being a woman. Starting Sunday with a few minutes grazing through their thoughtful articles and deeply beautiful photo spreads is the perfect way to start your day!

A Walk To Brunch

This is an idealized Sunday, so of course the weather is as pleasant as can be for a quiet stroll to support the mom and pop breakfast joint we all know and love. Munch on french toast or the healthy omelet you wish you could reproduce in your kitchen and savor just how good today is going already.

A Stop At The Library/ Thrift Store

I’m a gal who likes some time to window shop when there’s time in the day. Sifting through old library books or vintage knick knacks is soothing and taps into our attention to detail and appreciation of the little things.

A Recipe For The Perfect Sunday Morning

What does your absolutely perfect Sunday morning look like?

There are lots of amazing hashtags on Instagram to help you envision your dreamy Sunday morning. My favorites? Take a peep at #momentswithsunday, #morningslikethese, and #darlingweekend. I love seeing how others spend their mornings… and I’d love to see yours too!