On Home

On Home

Hey, hi, hello interwebz. I haven’t forgot about you! In fact, I’ve been starving to update this ol’ blog of mine since I’ve returned stateside and begun my “real world” life again. After living somewhat of a fairytale life abroad this summer, (i.e. deciding each day as opportunities presented themselves, sleeping in til a very comfortable 10 am every morning and adventuring whenever the moment struck) let’s just say that I became spoiled rotten by European goodness. But karma exists my friends and reality has hit me pretty hard! I’ve gone from crying after my first faculty meeting to feeling like an excited, over caffeinated chihuahua on the first day. I’ve worked my tail off in the past three weeks.


While Skyping one of my dear friends this past week, she asked me a question that hasn’t really come my way since returning home. “What was the overall lesson you’ve learned from this experience?” Truth is. I’ve learned a lot. But the one lesson that has really resounded with me is this: Travel is important. Adventure is out there and it’s yours for the taking. Do it. DO IT. But know that home is just as key. Despite feeling the serious weight of real world responsibilities, especially starting a brand new job, I feel incredibly fortunate to feel just as inspired by my life here as I did in Europe. I love Pennsylvania. After landing in the good old keystone state, I was blown away by its beauty. It’s funny how normalcy can strip away some of the beauty of an area. Coming back into PA after being away renewed everything. Fields were unlike fields I’d ever remembering seeing. Clouds were shaped like cotton candy goodness that were, again, unlike clouds I’d ever remember seeing.

Home is important. I cannot wait to create new routines, start good habits, nurture meaningful friendships and relationships with loved ones and settle into a place to feel at home in. Friends, home is not lame. It’s what you make of it. I’ve certainly run into a select few high school Facebook friends who’ve shared their dislike for their hometown, and listen… I get it. Not too long ago I shared similar feelings. I felt like all the young, up and coming people were supposed to move to a larger city. I thought about relocation based on the idea that it was a sign of weakness to stay in your hometown. Truth is, I was wrong. Adventure, opportunities and meaningful relationships happen everywhere. Yes, even at home. Am I resigning my life to stay here in PA? No way. But I do know that am fortunate to have great friendships, a good first job and many opportunities here. Those things can change and I will always, always follow my heart. If the situation changes, so will my location. Staying in your hometown does not mean settling. I am anti-settling. But I am pro-adventure.


Now, let’s catch up…

Feeling: Insanely excited to continue blogging. Soon I’ll be sharing a new series to continue that adventurous spirit of living abroad here in PA. I hope you’re on board! I also am planning on releasing some downloadable desktop images of my favorite pictures I’ve taken in Europe. Any preferences? Comment and let me know!

Starting: Baby steps left and right. I’m slowly moving into Luke’s apartment. I’m slowly adapting to my new job. I’m slowly getting into the swing of things.

Wanting: To interview friends on how they stay inspired. Holla atcha girl if you’re interested!

Reading: NERD ALERT. I’m rereading the last Harry Potter book. I blame Edinburgh. My commute to and from work is about 40 minutes away and listening to the audiobook has made the time go by in a breeze!

Using: Post it notes like a fiend. #teacherprobz

Loving: Donuts. Dear America, you know how to do donuts right. Pastries… not so much. But donuts? Yes yes yes yes.

Realizing: Now more than ever, that I plan on maintaining a creative life.

Listening: To The Staves. Their blend is outstanding, their songs are touching and simple and so, so good. Please do your ears a favor and give these ladies a listen. I’m dying to hear them in person!