Five Instagram Hashtags To Make You Feel Happy & Inspired

I’ll just say it. Instagram is my happy place. You can basically count on me to choose it over all other social media apps because one, it’s just so dang pretty, and two, because I genuinely feel positive and refreshed after scrolling through my feed. This past year I cultivated a list of the most dreamy ‘grammers from around the world as part of my Insta-Wanderlust series for the blog. This “homework assignment” quickly changed my Instagram feed from “meh” to “so much goodness” in a matter of months. Like, in a big, big way!

Five Instagram Hashtags To Make You Feel Happy & Inspired


Even more recently I’ve found myself drawn to accounts with a purpose to inspire creativity. When I find a good account it’s kind of like discovering a mini hidden internet treasure, and that’s why I can’t wait to share with you my top five hashtags I search when looking for these Instagram jewels! Are you ready? Here are five Instagram hashtags to make you feel happy and inspired!


Perfect For: The many happy and beautiful moments in life, from small to large.
What You’ll Find: From announcements to inspiration found in most unexpected places, this hashtag is filled to the brim with positive people seeing the good in life.
Created By: Happy Hunters bloggers Elise and Katie.


Perfect For: The mindful, the curious and the creative seekers looking for wonder from afar and find the beauty in the details.
What You’ll See: Thoughtful posts with intentional design, from explorations from abroad to the local coffee shop, creatives in their habitat and women practicing the art of wit and wisdom- all the while supporting each other and embodying self love.
Created By: Darling Magazine, a gem of a brand. I love them so, so dearly.


Perfect For: Those photos that just make you smile.
What You’ll Find: Bright, fun and colorful snaps that are guaranteed to bring out the whimsy in you.
Created By: Powerhouse blog Glitter Guide.


Perfect For: Visual storytellers seeking more depth from Instagram’s community.
What You’ll See: A collection of snaps that are not only insatiably stunning, but will inspire you to explore this world and create more beauty of your own.
Created By: The Visuals Collective community.


Perfect For: The creatively inclined person searching for encouragement.
What You’ll See: Stories and beautiful pictures in just about everyone’s life, just waiting to be found. Think lots of gorgeous art, details in artist’s current projects and positive affirmations that inspiration is out there!
Created By: Trouve Magazine, another awesome independent magazine that celebrates a creative lifestyle.


Nerd confession… I loved rounding up this post and actually taking the time to research where these hashtags originated instead! If you’re curious to find other hashtags that keep me refreshed and inspired, pop on over to my Instagram feed and give me a follow. I’m constantly toying around with #’s and all that jazz.

What are your go-to hashtags when you’re looking for happiness and inspiration?