My Fall Bucket List (& Why You Should Make One Too)

My Fall Bucket List (& Why You Should Make One Too)

There was a time not too long ago where I sort of bashed bucket lists. Now, I have a totally different perspective. At the time, the idea of having this lifelong list of unrealistic accomplishments that were fleeting and far off felt overwhelming. It made me feel weighed down and unable to enjoy the true spontaneity of life’s possibilities. But even more than that, I think my initial dislike of bucket lists came from there not being a focus to these goals and aspirations. Skydiving and going to Italy sound like great bucket list additions… but if I was actually serious about those goals, I really want to accomplish them and not just a tally on a never ending, crazy list.

Now I think differently. And it all came from an idea to re-imagine the structure of the bucket list. I’m a gal who thinks seasonally. So why not set intentional aspirations to celebrate the wonderful, present moments that are only reserved to the season I’m in? Light bulb moment! And so, the idea of seasonal bucket lists was created! Sounds fun right? Here is my fall bucket list I hope to accomplish by the end of the autumn months.


My Fall Bucket List (& Why You Should Make One Too)

Drive Through The Country To Look At The Changing Season

Lately, I’m feeling incredibly grateful to live in a place with changing seasons. Pennsylvania, you and your rolling hills and surrounding mountains sure know how to make autumn come alive. And I can’t wait to soak in all of that.

Master At Least One Soup Or Stew

Homegirl has become quite the crockpot, slow roasting queen. I’m hoping to keep that going with one stupid good soup or stew. Maybe one with fennel or pumpkin or squash or something else that screams fall. Shout out to my bloggy friend Sara of Cake Over Steak… I’m going to be stalking her Pinterest boards like you would not believe!

Go Camping

I have this picture in my head of all of my friends gathering in the woods to celebrate the great outdoors, roasting dogs on a crackling fire. Last year Luke’s family invited all of us to a cabin weekend where lots of games (Stump anyone?) and eating and adventuring commenced, including a quick trip to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. I’d love to do it again, maybe this time to the Dark Sky Reserve in upstate Pennsylvania?

Whiskey Tasting Party

I’m chomping at the bit at this one! Whiskey and the crisp, fall air go together like peanut butter and nutella. Am I right? My number one must-do this fall is to gather with friends, eat delicious whiskey inspired food while tasting different varieties of my favorite alcohol of choice.

Treat Myself To One Good Sweater

Since adopting the whole capsule wardrobe trend, I’ve set a few dollars aside for a new fall sweater to last me until winter. I’m dreaming of a thick, chunky knitted one like this.

Leaf Collection Scavenger Hunt

An old childhood game classic! I want to spend an afternoon creating a leaf rainbow of all the changing leaves that have dropped.


My Fall Bucket List (& Why You Should Make One Too)

Seasonal bucket lists are a great way to appreciate the shifting weather and a fantastic way to start new traditions with friends. I’m going to have these six to-do’s on my brain from now until September 23rd rolls around! Hey, fall bucket list, I’m going to master you and love every single second of it. Do you guys think as seasonally as I do? What do you think about breaking down your large bucket list into smaller, seasonally based goals?