Announcing My New Podcast: Passports & Pizza!

Are you guys ready?! Here goes. My dear friend Sara (of Cake Over Steak) and I are dropping a big, fun project at the end of the month. A PODCAST!

Introducing Passports & Pizza: a podcast about everything by two carb-loving, carry-on only gals.


Sara and I are so pumped to share the news! We've combined our love of all things food and travel (...and everything in between) in this new baby. Basically, we realized our favorite podcasts are two ladies talking about what they love most. And ya know what? We are more than qualified to do that.

This travel, food and lifestyle podcast is inspired by our endless love and devotion for cooking and adventure (and just getting chit-chatty together). So every other week, we’ll be sitting down for a real, hilarious look at what made our lives salty and sweet, topics that make our hearts palpitate and so much more.


Fueled by carbs and coffee (jet lag is a real thing, friends!) - we’ll also be answering listener questions each episode, sharing their perspectives and total unqualified advice. If food, travel and stumbling through adulthood is your thang - welcome to your people!

We launch at the end of the month, but we have a trailer for you to check out now! So, go take a look and subscribe now (so you don't miss when we officially go live)!