5 Tips For More Adventure In 2015

5 Tips For More Adventure In 2015

Make It A Priority

Fact: Travel doesn’t just happen. It takes serious time planning, researching and coordinating. It isn’t easy but it’s worth it. Every time. So guess what? Since traveling isn’t an everyday occurrence, it must take precedence in your life in order for it to happen. This means that other aspects may fall to the wayside. For me, it was my love for shopping. I gave up buying myself pretty purses and new shoes and instead focused on saving for the next trip I was dreaming about. Once you’ve taken on adventure as an important factor in your life, you’re halfway there!

Put Your Phone Down

Yep it’s gotta happen. The truth is, adventure is out there and the opportunities to connect with the natural world, as well as incredibly warm and interesting people happens outside of your iPhone screen. Give the world your truest presence by simply putting the phone down. Save the Instagrams, hashtags and Facebook statuses for a later time. It’s time to take in the adventure at hand at its fullest, without the distraction of the social media world.

Be A Local Wanderer

Travel doesn’t just happen, but adventure sure can. Remember, no human being on this earth can say that they’ve experienced every nook, cranny, pizza shop, trail, shop and alleyway of their town. This is where your perspective of adventure needs to take a serious shift. You may feel bored with where you live or have lived, but it’s important to remember that even your hometown is an unmapped exploration for you to take on. Take the time to see it all, document it, write about it, soak it all in. Because guess what? Once you’ve opened your mind to wandering your familiar spaces with a sense of adventure in your heart, you’ll find a bigger, brighter world at your fingertips.

5 Tips For More Adventure In 2015

Say Yes

When life throws you an opportunity… take it. When new people come into your circle of friends… welcome them. When you suddenly become curious about a new interest… follow it. Friends going the diner around midnight? Go. You get the idea. Say yes to (almost) everything. Because from yes’s come experiences. And from those experiences come more experiences and memories and moments. And those are worth more than gold.

Your Weekends Are Your Friend

If you’re a working person, take advantage of your free time. Visit the next town over with friends. Plan a trip to visit your old roommate down south. You get the idea. The weekend is your time to use, so take advantage of that! Yes, it might mean that your apartment will stay slightly sloppy and you probably will lose some quality Netflix and nap time. But guess what? Your couch isn’t keeping an adventure at bay from you. The road is. Get out there. Go. 2015 is yours for the exploring.