2018 Is The Year Of Women & Wanderlust

2018 Is The Year Of Women & Wanderlust | ROAM + GOLIGHTLY

To the dear female readers who are reading this headline and thinking, "yes, and it's about time" or "girl, it's *been* the year of women and wanderlust." I am right there with you. If there's one thing I hold dearest to my heart, it's this... I believe in the power of women. I was raised by insatiably strong female characters. Seekers, mothers, feminists, hell-raisers, organizers, leaders, artists all the same. Aunts, grandmothers, cousins, sisters in friendship. All these women have guided my path, have demonstrated the power of vulnerability, resiliency, compassion, communication and so much more. 

As a woman (and yes, for a long time, I struggled with the idea of calling myself this... as opposed to "girl" or "lady") who explores the world, I struggle with the masculine implication the word "adventure" has. Perhaps it's the ingrained context of the men who traipsed and conquered new lands I've been taught in history class. Who knows... all I really can say is that at one time, I only identified "world explorers" as men. And you know what's amazing? That notion that I've carried with me since childhood has done a complete 180 in the past few years. What's even more amazing is this, there has been:

  • a 350% increase in women pinning solo travel ideas since 2014

  • a 230% increase in trips designed for women and women-only travel companies

  • 73% more women travelers embarking on solo trips, compared to men

  • growth by 60% in women taking part in backpacking/wilderness trips

  • a dramatic increase in Google searches for 'female solo travel'... with over 100,000,000 searches at the beginning of 2017

Now, I'm no statistic wizard, but it's a staggering argument that 2018 is without a doubt the year of women & wanderlust. A dynamic duo, wouldn't you say? 

2018 Is The Year Of Women & Wanderlust | ROAM + GOLIGHTLY
2018 Is The Year Of Women & Wanderlust | ROAM + GOLIGHTLY

So ladies, whether you're a veteran explorer or about to jet off on your first trip, take heart and know that this movement is propelled by you! Take pride in knowing that you are contributing to a great shift of the ideology of what travel and adventure is. And, more importantly, know that you are not alone! When I began my personal experiences with travel, I was completely unaware of the amazing resources that are available for like-minded women seeking adventure, encouragement and inspiration. Connecting with other women in travel, who share similar perspectives on investing in life experiences and approaches to travel has been one of the most meaningful aspects of what I do at Roam + Golightly.  It's amazing what's out there now, ladies!


  • Dame Traveler - My go-to Instagram source for encouragement, inspiration and dreamy photography that immediately makes me want to book that next trip. Connecting with women who are featured on this page (and those who comment on posts) is a great way to build personal relationships with other female travelers out there.

  • Girls Love Travel - This Facebook group is consistently the place I go to for help on itinerary suggestions, meet ups and meaningful conversations about the ins and outs of travel. Seriously, if I ever have a question about any element of travel, this is the place I go to for answers!

  • #girlstravel - This Twitter chat is literally catered for empowering and connecting women who travel. Even if you're not into joining in on their weekly Twitter chats every Monday from 1 - 1:30 EST, just scrolling through the previous chats is a great way to get some uplifting words and insight.

  • Women On The Road Podcast - Okay, this amazing podcast is alllll about the amazing stories women have experiences first hand throughout their travels, it makes me so happy inside when I tune in.

  • Women High On Adventure - Although I haven't personally taken part in one of these fabulous trips, this travel company plans some insanely life-changing adventures and expeditions for women. I'm eyeing up doing something fun from this group in the future!

  • Women In Travel Summit - This travel summit is great for any lady out there who wants to learn more about making their place in the travel industry. Their yearly organized meeting of the minds is always in a fantastic city and a great way to learn new skills and tips in the blogging, social media and marketing niche.

I could literally go on and on with resources for female travelers. Is this something you guys would like to have on-hand? Let me know!

2018 Is The Year Of Women & Wanderlust | ROAM + GOLIGHTLY

Happy adventuring you wonderful women, this is
your year to wander!