Why Is It That Spring Always Reignites Our Creativity?

Why Is It That Spring Always Reignites Our Creativity?

Spring. Glorious, blooming spring. 

I am beside myself with gratitude for this season. The warmth, the return of the flowering greenery, dappled sunlight and evening walks... what isn't there to be thankful for? I'll give it to spring, coming right after the inevitable, albeit sometimes crippling winter hibernation/ cabin fever gives this season a huge perk when it comes to timing. Nevertheless, I love it.

If you've been following along with our podcast (or my excitable, car-side Instagram stories), you probably have heard that this winter I went through one of the biggest creative ruts I've had to face in the past few years. The frustration was real. THANK GOD some listener/reader insight changed my tune. But man, part of me wanted to blame the cold, bitter, dreary winter season. The truth is, creativity ebbs and flows. It can't always be planned or scheduled. And the same goes for creative struggles. No season brings it on more than the other. I'm not here to bash winter! Trust me. But lately I've been thinking a lot about the glorious spring and what exactly it is about this season that always seems to bring out the best of myself and the other creatives around me.

Why Is It That Spring Always Reignites Our Creativity?


The the promise of longer days, more light and the inevitable blooming of flowers... c'mon! Spring is an obvious winner here. Daylight savings time springs us toward those long, golden hour evenings and the warmth of dappled light dancing on our faces.  And it's all romantic, isn't it? Spring is certainly easy on the eyes.

Most creatives are incredibly influenced by their surroundings. Having a window to look through, a room filled with natural light and a blank canvas to be inspired by is what most makers, thinkers, and creative adventurers hunger for. It's no wonder that spring's smattering of pink, green, white and yellow hues is a refreshing aesthetic (especially after a few dreary months) and sure to inspire anyone, creative or not!


One thing I love about living in Lancaster is seeing the return of our community during the warmer months. It's like all the cabin fever has finally worn off and everyone is splitting at the seams to just get outside! Suddenly all of the cafes are filled with friends meeting for brunch, the sidewalks are lined with pedestrians and bikes and the markets are stocked with customers again. After many months spent hibernating indoors, why wouldn't people be beyond excited to get outside again? Who doesn't love the first comfortable walk to the coffee shop with just a tee shirt and jeans? Personally I leap for joy when I can finally retire my winter coat and L.L. Bean Boots in favorite of a leather jacket and flats! 

The return of warmer days allows us to finally get the fresh air we've been lacking. An increase of Vitamin C does the body good, and our mental state as well. After all, there are only so many days of the year we can relish the beautiful weather like this! A healthier dose of outdoor action connects us with nature, one of the biggest influences on creatives. 


For any readers who don't encounter the highs and lows of living in a climatic environment, I both pity and envy you! I mean, 75 degree weather 365 days of the year sounds like a dream! But I know at the end of the day... I'll always be a girl who loves living (and celebrating) the seasons.

Personally, I feel like the ending of a season is like placing a bookmark in time. I can think back to the summer and relish the beach vacations, or recall the autumn evenings kicking up the fallen orange leaves. Does anyone else feel this way?

The glory of living with seasons is the excitement of a new chapter... a renewed cycle of life. Because the fleeting concept of time is hard to grasp, but savoring the little perks that come with the changing weather is one that keeps it all in perspective. 

Why Is It That Spring Always Reignites Our Creativity?
Why Is It That Spring Always Reignites Our Creativity?

I'm thrilled that it's spring time. And I'm even more excited to see what comes during this new season. I guess I should also mention that my spring is also my birthday season... and who doesn't get a little giddy about our special day and a new, invitation into a new "year"? It's a refreshing couple of months, and I'm undeniably chomping at the bit to have some warm days, sitting on the porch with a notebook in hand (and maybe a cocktail too). 

Do you feel the same way about springtime? Or do you find yourself most inspired to create during a particular time of the year?

Embracing The Place: How A Change Of Location Can Open Creativity's Doors

Embracing The Place: How A Change Of Location Can Open Creativity's Doors

Inspiration is a tricky thing. As artists, we're plagued by its vague and flirty relationship with our work. At times it feels like it's here to stay, a mighty and wonderful comrade we can lean our head on when in strife, and at other times we're up late at night begging for it to stop by again.

With evidence now showing that travel is a better mood booster than shopping or exercise, I found myself curious to find if adventure had a part in increasing creative inspiration for artists lives.

In every interview of our podcast's episodes, we set out to pick the brains of the adventurous, creative and bold souls we were inspired by. We learned so much about where these artists and explorers find their creative bliss, but also how seeing more of the world and seeking new experiences in their own neck of the woods brought out inspiration in their work. Knowing that these influencers and path makers in all sorts of creative fields were hungry for adventure solidified our belief in travel's power as a inspirational tool.

Embracing The Place: How A Change Of Location Can Open Creativity's Doors
Embracing The Place: How A Change Of Location Can Open Creativity's Doors
Embracing The Place: How A Change Of Location Can Open Creativity's Doors

We choose to travel for new, invigorating experiences. The ones that will keep us up at night in a fit of nostalgia. We seek adventure for the excitement of a new discovery. One that will be kept in our back pocket for a rainy day or a fresh change of pace. This desire to see more of the world and experience it opens our minds to just how big and grande this planet is, how we are just one tiny cell on a petri dish. And these realizations in combination with newfound beauty can be awe-inspiring. The colors of Morocco, the flavors of a Japanese market, the lights of Rome in the evening, the setting sun on the mountains in the town next door. When we open our everyday lens in which we see the world, we are able to welcome in the inspiration that is abound.

Embracing The Place: How A Change Of Location Can Open Creativity's Doors
Embracing The Place: How A Change Of Location Can Open Creativity's Doors
Embracing The Place: How A Change Of Location Can Open Creativity's Doors

Whatever your art is, whether music, oil painting, knitting or cooking... put your inspiration it on it's feet. Take it elsewhere with you. Whether that's downtown to a new foreign restaurant, to the city an hour away, a festival you've been meaning to soak in or a big holiday abroad, the size of the adventure cannot tame your wild and calling creativity.

Bored By Your Local Restaurants? Try This Local Adventure Idea!

Growing up, my small town had a total of three.... count 'em.... THREE restaurants. There was the Chinese restaurant (a classic standby for "multicultural" flavor), the pizza shop (your typical mom and pop shop) and the diner (late night waffles are nothing to be overlooked). Yup, small town living at its absolute finest! Needless to say, eating out was done out of necessity, not necessarily out of the joy of the culinary art form. Does this sound familiar to where you are? There was a time in my life where I could have sworn to be able to pick out these restaurants flavor out of any line up, just based on so often I found myself eating their very familiar recipes. And, I'll be honest, eating out in my area got to be pretty boring.


Here's the good news... the absolute boredom that can ensue with familiarity, especially when it comes to our standby local restaurants, actually is an opportunity to celebrate and test our own culinary taste! Ready to rediscover your ordinary flavors? 


That's right. A good, old fashioned blind taste test of your overplayed menu items.

This local adventure idea came straight from one of my favorite podcasts, Totally Beverages And Sometimes Hot Sauce, podcast that profiles liquids and features a weekly blind shoot outs of anything (and I mean anything) beverage related. After taking a note from these rad dudes' podcast format, I can honestly say this local adventure idea allowed me to see another side to those very familiar flavors and, even more importantly, was just down right fun to do (especially as a group) and I can't wait to do more sooner rather than later! 

So, here we go. The logistics...


Choose a few restaurants (I'd say five max!) with the same menu item you're dying to compare to each other. There are TONS of options to choose from. Pizza slices, drip coffee, ice cream, house salads, chocolate chip cookies! I could keep going. The trick here to choose something you think you're so familiar with, it'll be a no brainer. And then do your research on other places that serve that same item.

For example, there was a time I could have sworn I was the Hershey's Moose Tracks ice cream queen (a local ice creamery... kind of)! With this in mind, I could go to my local grocery store and pick up two other ice creams with similar ingredients. 

What snacks or treats do you always resort to? Is there a local beer you live for? Do you always find yourself going for wings at the local drinking hole? These menu items are a great starting point. You might shock yourself after you do your do your final reveal! 



Okay, once you've determined exactly what you'll be tasting... there a couple ways to organize your shoot out so that it is really and truly a blind one (meaning, those who are taking part will not be able to recognize the order/color/amount poured/etc.). This can be a dicey thing, especially if you're taking this thing seriously like I do!

The easiest one? Have someone not joining in on the fun, or someone willing to be the "secret keeper" rig the order in which your treats are served. The second easiest one? Get a blindfold and have everyone participating go in line order together as you taste.

The least easiest one but keeps everyone involved? Have all glasses, bowls or plates in a non-viewable area and place different colored paper at the ready. Have one person go in individually to place these papers under the eating vessel and notating which color goes with which brand, restaurant or whatever you're tasting goes with which color. For example, blue is Hershey's Moose Tracks, yellow is Talenti, etc. This person should stow away this guide until the final reveal. Next, have another person go in and change the colors. They also will notate their changes. So for example, blue is now green, yellow is now red, etc. After all is done, the two people who wrote down the info use the second person's choices to map back to the first person's guide. Confusing, I know... but thorough!



The best part. After reviewing the options of what is in front of you... EAT and chat it up! Most importantly, talk about what are your guesses are. Are there any discrepancies? Which one do you like the best? Anything you absolutely hate? Are there any confusing flavors that just throw you off? 


Let the truth fly free and relish in the fact that you not only got to taste something delicious, but also learn to appreciate those classic (and sometimes boring) standby menu items! Or you can shock yourself with new favorites to try! 


Need I say more? 


What's something delicious (and maybe over-ordered in your life) you would do a blind shoot out with?